Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Candy Themed Nails!

Hello lovelies! I was super excited for this Artsy Wednesday theme. . Candy nails!! YAY :D I love candy! So for my look today i actually used REAL candy :-P! It was quite tricky as you need very stable hands and lots of patience! This look almost did not last long. . I was so close to eating them lol!

I did my pinkie using the water marble technique. I used two colours by OPI - Pompeii Purple and Mod About You which gave it a great swirling effect to represent the strawberries and cream swirl lollies..YUM! I used OPI - Mod About You on all my fingers as the base. For the ring finger I applied sugar love hearts found in most supermarkets by applying then onto wet SV. I kept my middle finger plain, my index finger I did the same thing as the love hearts but these weird looking bullets are my FAVOURITE lollies ever! I wonder if anyone could guess what they are before I tell you? They are a European lollie by Haribo called Car En Sac which are amazing little sugar coated liquorice pellets! SOOOOO YUM! I could eat 10 kilos in one day! maybe. . don't challenge me on that! lol They are quite heavy but I was surprised they stuck onto my finger with the SV! And finally on my thumb I used real silver mini cachous! Edible silver balls! They are quite crunchy and hard but taste like sugar and looks so pretty! I hope you like my take on Candy Themed Nails! There are endless designs that could be done but I thought this was quirky! :D

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  1. Ahahaha, sigh, what a relief, I'm not the only one playing with food this week ;) - great mani :)

  2. wow! love the combo of colours and nail embellishments! fab! xx

  3. Very creative! The hearts are super cute. :)

  4. So cuuuuute. lol. Yummy too.

  5. Very cute, the pastels look excellent together :)

  6. Wow, super creative and fun! I hope you didn't eat anything polish-covered afterwards! :P

    1. I almost did! I was soo tempted haha!