Thursday, September 6, 2012

Layla Mirror Effects - Metallic Chrome

Hi darls! Today I will be showing you another Layla Mirror Effect I received when Kathy from more nail polish made a big order with them! This is just a standard silver chrome colour, but these mirror effects by Layla are not ordinary, they are AMAZING! The brush strokes disappear when it dries, it leaves it literally looking almost mirror like! This polish can be tricky to master, you need to apply it really quickly otherwise if you go over a spot too often the polish will pull off and go patchy and bald! In these photos I did 2 coats, no top coat (but p.s the topcoat does NOT dull the effect, only at first but then the colour shines through once it dries :))

You may have seen in my other post of Layla Mirror Effects (see it here) that it looked horrible because of my ridges, well this post is a HUGE improvement! My ridges have finally gone, thanks to Sally Hansen miracle nail thickener and it looks so smooth and perfect! I'll show you :)

I really really really really WISH they had a gold version of this too! Does anyone know why/have a theory as to why it hasn't been made yet? It would be SO popular!

Thanks for reading and I really hope you like this :)

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