Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Remington - Smooth & Silky Face and Body Epilator

Hey guys!! Today I have the newest epilator to show you by Remington. Have you all heard of an epilator? If not, it is a small machine that pulls hairs out from the roots and has been my hair removal method for many years now! I was excited to give this new one a go because it can be used on the face which intrigued me! I'll be honest, epilators do hurt at first, but after using it for almost 5 years now I have definitely gotten used to the feeling and I can do both underarms in less than 5 minutes! Not to mention it has made my course, thick, greek hair much thinner and sparse ...yay!!

The Face & Body Epilator* comes complete with 2 washable heads - a shaver head with dual trimmers and an epilator head. The epilator head can remove hair as short as 0.5mm and there is also a precision light so you won't miss a single hair! It also comes with an angle cap to ensure optimal tweezing for the selected area, a detailed cap which is perfect for the face if you want a smaller area being epilated and a massage cap that is infused with aloe vera to help reduce discomfort. This epilator retails for $79.95 and is available online at All Remington products come with either a 2, 3 or 5 year warranty. I love this product - it works so well at removing hairs precisely and leaves my skin feeling smooth. I can definitely tell the difference between this one and my 5 year old one - it just picks up the hairs so much better, less noise, and a more convenient size for storage and travel. I used this effortlessly on my underarms and decided to try it on my top lip. I was a bit scared and flinched a fair few times when doing it - as the top lip is super sensitive but I managed to use it quite easily on that area too! I am in love with this product and perfect timing for the bikini weather months ahead!

Will you be using an epilater to get summer ready??

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